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24 October
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About Me

I'm me. Not much to it. All my interests are listed below.

I'm a computer person at my current job. I like to think I'm unique as does everyone else so does that make me normal? Eh. Who cares, yeah?

I'm engaged to be married. Just not yet. Talk of wedding dresses and wedding receptions makes me want to pull out my ripped jeans and red lipstick and go out on the town to feel free. But am I in love with my guy? Absolutely. Now and always. :)

I love listening to angsty rock music and love to do just about anything creative when I've been drinking. Am I an alcoholic? Nah. Don't need it every day. Am a fan of apple martinis and strawberry margaritas. Also Manischewitz which is like sugar water. Yum.

I'm into fanfiction and making mvs, usually based on my current interests (shows, books, movies). Current interests for fanfiction are Doctor Who, Moonlight and Cowboy Bebop. I've been stuck writing Aatd and DS for a bit now (if you want to know what those abbreviations are for just check out the list of fanfics I have pending on fanfiction.net) and am trying to finish them up.


That might be about it since that lists all the important things about me, LOL.

The profile layout is borrowed from Refuted Comm (links at the bottom!

My Fandoms and Fanfiction

The links to these fanfics are found at my Fanfiction account/site. Link is at the bottom of this profile block. The fics are listed by fandom and noted as Oneshot or Epic. Oneshot speaks for itself. Epic means it's going on more than twenty chapters. Story means it's less than twenty chapters. For the moment. >.< Ain't Afraid to Die, my CB fic, is currently being redone and will be posted at the lj community as redone so if you guys want to check that out, be my guest. The link is at the bottom and it's called The Twilight Evening. Still under construction though, k? Gimme a break, lol!

Doctor Who

*Him (Oneshot/Complete) - He would wake the next morning with marks on his back and she didn’t care. Not right then. Right then she only needed him, all of him.
Pairing - Alt!Ten/Rose

*New New Year (Oneshot/Complete) - On the eve of a new year, Rose Tyler decides to follow through on something she has been wanting to do for years.
Pairing - Ten/Rose (small Alt!Ten)

*Echoes of Summer (Epic/In Progress) - The Doctor retrieves Rose Tyler from Bad Wolf Bay but not without consequences. The walls between worlds begin to fall, two different realities merging. And on the horizon a threat rises that threatens to destroy everything the Doctor holds dear.
Pairing - Ten/Rose

Doctor Who - Somewhere Out There
Song Used: Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler

Doctor Who - Everything We Had
Song Used: The Academy Is... - Everything We Had
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler


*Darker Seasons (Story) - When Josef becomes a target for an old enemy the only way to get to him is through Mick. And the only way to get to Mick is through a very mortal Beth.
Pairing - Mick/Beth

Moonlight - Wish the Best
Song Used: Emerson Hart - Wish the Best For You
Pairing: Mick St. John/Beth Turner

Cowboy Bebop

*Ain't Afraid to Die (Epic) - Finally coming to grips with Spike's death, the Bebop crew are back to bounty hunting. But Spike's sudden reappearance and a botched bounty force Faye to reconsider the life she leads, especially when she is targeted by someone from her past.
Main Characters - Spike/Faye

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